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Music Association of Nepal was established on 2056 to introduce every musician, lyricist, singers, music coordinator and instrument players for uniting nationally on the institution to protect nationality and culture which will help in promoting the music and also have a vision of working for the rights and interest of every individual working on musical background.

Music Association of Nepal is a platform of every lyricist, singers, musician, and instrument player .It is established on 2056 which works for the rights and interest of every musician. In this crucial time where musicians are not provided a proper award of appreciation and protection, it has been a tough task to protect entire music industry and work for its development .Instead of numerous problem on the Nepalese Musical Industry this institution is one of the growing medium to get solutions.

After crossing the complex and difficult situation Nepali music is now flourishing. Though the troubles and challenges are still in higher position. If we unite every creator and seeker of music industry then one day this union can be an umbrella organization or federation for every artist in the nation.

Though having a different troubles we are trying to meet our responsibilities. We have been conducting different types of programs like award of appreciation from different radio station which provides royalty, helping financially to those artist who are facing the economic crisis, solving the various issues of the artist, copyright act and also making the government aware of the problem in this industry and trying to promote and save the dignity of the music industry. We assure you that in future we will try to do many more developing activities. So for that we request to give your ideas, opinion and views.

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